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We are lovers of exceptional natural stone products like pebbles on mesh, which can be used in bathrooms, living rooms as well as in kitchens. It is a visual and haptic Highlight. Bare feet enter through the pebbles a gently massage - a very pleasant feeling.

Our mosaic  floors are specially designed for small spaces. It is a very appealing alternative to traditional floor tiles.

Not to forget our handcrafted marble sink, in many shapes, colours and sizes obtainable. Each is unique.

Brand-new in our range: hand-made cement tiles. Varicoloured patterned or simply plain, according to the motto "fresh, bright and colourful".

Also newly arrived are the various  natural stone wall claddings:
slate - sandstone - andesite and marble. Finally  there are beautiful stone walls for inside.

On our trips to find the best natural stone products we often discover beautiful accessories. We have a few collected in our  accessory shop, for example natural silk scarves, bracelets, hammocks... Maybe even something for you?

Please enjoy our website.
Your stein und ambiente team